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The NC Family

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The NC Family

Post by Death Magnetic on Mon Feb 22, 2010 8:49 am

NC21, NC24, NC30 Differences

Theres been a few changes. The NC21/24 are quite similar and have many interchangeable parts. The NC30/NC35 are also quite similar and have many interchangeable parts. Hardly any parts from the later 2 models fit the earlier two models.

All of the VFR400's are based around the NC13E 16V DOHC Cam gear driven watercooled engine, displacing 399cm3 and having a stroke of 55x42.

The NC21/24 had the traditional firing style of a 180 degree crank the NC30/NC35 have the unusual firing order of a 360 degree crank.

They all sound like sewing machines with the standard systems on, especially at high rpm due to the whine generated by the cam gear train.

The NC30/NC35 are much more popular than the NC21/24 as they are 'better' bikes, sporting superior components (i.e brakes / suspension) and command a higher price than the earlier models.

They all put out aroud 60bhp apart from the NC35 which is slightly less and all have Hondas famous build quality. The NC30 build quality is fantastic.

Parts are easier to get for the NC30/35 as the NC30 was available as a English market bike, all of the others are grey JDM imports.

All of the bikes seem to suffer weak electrical systems and a bad battery can easily take out your regulator and generator so check for charging / starting problems.

Noteworthy features.

First VFR400.

-Conventional swingarm
-18" rear, 16" front wheel
-180deg Crank
-Low Level Exhaust (Exists on Right)
-Hydraulic Clutch
-Aluminum Diamond Frame
-60bhp @ 12,500 rpm.
-NC13e Watercooled Engine.
-Two Piston Sliding Brake Calipers
-276mm Non-Floating Discs.
-Dual Seat
-Single Headlight
-Anti-Drive TRAC on forks
-15/45 gearing
-Locknut adjustable tappets
-37mm forks
-4 color schemes, 1 'Naked' Streetfighter style 'Z' edition
-Oil cooler


-First model to have the Honda/Elf single sided swingarm (based on the TTF3 RVF400's I believe)
-Different wheels to NC21 but same size tyres.
-High Level Sports Exhaust on the left
-Cable operated clutch
-Revisied Cam/Valves/other minor parts
-Frame is identical to NC21
-Individual seats for rider / pillion (smaller pillion pad above rider that is common today)
-Upgrade to floating discs and single piston rear brake caliper
-Air dampened suspension
-4 color schemes, including 1987 Wayne Gardner commemoration Rothmans scheme.


-Styling based on the RC30.
-Completly new frame / subframe
-Rear wheel held on by Single large nut.
-18" rear / 17" front, (18" is now 4.5" rear) as opposed to 3.5" NC24.
-Twin Headlight design
-41mm adjustable forks
-4 Piston calipers
-Exhaust system now exits midlevel on the left
-360 degree crank
-Revised gearbox (very tall 1st gear) now 15/40
-First VFR400 to be electronically limited to 112mph (180k)
-Non adjustable shim tappets
-Various other cosmetic changes


-Now USD Forks
-More 'Road' friendly gearbox
-Visible Air intake ducts similar to Kawasaki 400 (but less curly pipe)
-17" Rear
-Two schemes available
-Foxeye headlights
Death Magnetic
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