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how we started

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how we started

Post by darenor on Mon Apr 19, 2010 12:13 pm

hey boys just seen the pics nd vid forum and decided to inform ya's how me brother and i started enjoy Very Happy

it all started threw my cousin sean leanord who races bikes on the road and for year we went to watch him and my bro was always annoyin me da to get him a bike and of course me da sed no for years but in 2005 me bro decided he was gonna get his own bike ans start he was 20 and didnt hav to ask me da so he went of and looked at one with the father in a small place down the road from us and he bought it no matter wat it was i was goin to buy it Laughing it was a 92 cbr600 pre97 bike was a bit worse for wear but soon enough after a few cans of black paint and she was ready to go cheers the first day he went out it was to mondello for the first time in a car and trailer on the usual rainy day goin to mondello and about 45minutes down the road we got a puncture which didnt start the day off to well so we fixed tat continued on and eventually found mondello Smile which turned out to be a good learning curve in the racing scene as he had never done a trackday b4 then a few mistakes of out breaking himself were the main things until the track started drying out and havin 5 minutes to change wheels that we had never done seemed impossible but we got it done and we finished up the day
he then continued on that bike for nearly two years with a best result of 5th b4 selling it to buy a

01cbr600f to do the supersport championship which we knew was goin to be an uphill battle from the start as the honda was an ex hilton hinks bike but stock engine and the other boys would hav had tuned between 120 to 130 bhp pauls bike had 106 but we continued on wit it for another year and travelled to mondello,bishopcourt,kirkistown and aghadewy which is a poxy track i might add Mad and finished in the top 10 of the southern supersport championship and we wer delighted with tat as it was the first year in it then at the end of that season we had that up for sale to another new honda a 04cbr600 roadbike we bought it as a road bike and turned it into a racebike from scratch got rid of road fairings,lights,footpegs,wiring and so on and got the fairing and other race bits such as quickaction throttle steering damper full remus system quickshifter vortex rearsets powercommander braided brake lines hyperpro suspension from and rear and then got the head ported polished and skimmed tat was the main amount of bits done could b more but has forgotten haa with all them bit on the bike we went to another wet mondello in the new race van we bought which was a 96 transit tat we got resprayed and she looked brand new she was a minter and arrived to mondello on a dry but cold day and had just decided to take the weekend as a test day and wernt makin any mental passes so the day went on and it started raining nothin new there but so another rush to get the wheels changed and just got them done in time got out for the warm up lap just and went into the first corner and forgot to pump the brakes and had nothin and lost the front into the first corner broke fairing new rearsets clip ons and screen so tat was the end of the test day later on in the season he was gettin progressively faster on the 600 and a 1000 came up tat we couldnt refuse it was 1 04 gsxr 1000 racebike we went bought the bike and brought it to mondello the day after and went out in the qualifying and got 5th first day out wit the big boys didnt realise how much of a rocket she was bounce in the end of the first race he got 5th and 7th on the first day out on the 1000 and we thought it was a very good result the season was coming close to the end and yet another day in mondello and paul was in 10th in the race wen he came up on a back marker into the last corner who broke wayyy to early for the coner and paul had no were to go but the bak of a fireblade and resulted in a broken kneecap and cuts and bruises the bike asnt too bad just a bit of ducktape and we wer off to bishopcourt for the last round of the clubmans championship and he had qualified on pole for the clubman race in the first race he got a flyer of a start and was out front and finished 3rd race two was a different story all together and got a bad start and was lyin in 8th on lap 3 he was 4th and went passed me just behind 3rd then as he went out of sight the red flag came up and i knew that it was paul we later found out wat he could remember was he went into the first corner and the throttle open and sent him onto the grass and he had to lay it onto its side as he would of t boned the other lads goin passed doin 160 into the corner and knocked himself out not a broken bone the marshals sed he was lucky to b alive the crash looked that bad and tat was the end of the season for paul but still got 8th in the championship then came the start on the 2008 season and we had a trackday in mondello my first one and guess wat it was wet in mondello Laughing but went out nervous as u would imagine and was getting quicker and quicker until the inevitable happened i fell off goin into the double right hander no serious damage to the bike or me but at least i got the day done and it was the last session tat i had me mishap then it was just a normal day i was in school just waiting for a bus home and got a phone call telling me tat paul was in a accident and was in hospital yep it was the fzr600 me da's old yoke tat use hav now haaa he had broken his arm badly and had to get a rod threw it and up it then they had to brake his elbow/funnybone to get a peice of bone tat had fallen done off his upper arm so tat was the end of the season for us in 2008
we now have the honda cbr600 04 racebike for sale as we now hav got the r6 tat is unreal its adrian mc farlands old team hardship bike which he has had since last season and has slowly been gettin quicker but just cant get to grips wit the yam and then there is my bike which has had a few problems this yr but the main one is tats its not fukin goin haaa but hope to hav it and the money to get her goin tats the hole thing from start to finish im done typing for a while cos this took me forever

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